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Get real youtube views by great Seo way not bot Guaranteed 100%  

Basic pack for 5$ : Above 3000 views video youtube through great Seo way.Help you get more likes, comments, subscription

Basic service pack has no fixed sales
(eg how many views per $ 1 each)
This depends on the attractiveness of your videos, attractive photo thumbail, etc.
The more compelling your video is, the cost ads will be cheaper

Normally about 1800 – 6000 views for 3$

Here is an example of an advertisement we have made, a basic advertising package for 5 USD:

Before advertising: 45 views

Before advertising: 45 views

After advertising: 4196 views

After advertising: 4196 views

This is image for this order information:

aladanh seo work on

Buyers have placed an order for us to advertise this video via a freelancer website:

(100% refund if detected using software, or proxies, bots) Our tools have been verified by google, youtube and facebook)

Can target the audiences as you wish(extra gig):

  1.  Target Basic for 5$ Total 10$(You can choose your audience age, interests, country locations, keywords, …)
  2. Vip Target for 10$ Total 15$ (You can send me a list of videos with the same topic as yours, we will invite the audience who love those videos to watch your video)

We recommend not buying views from vendors that provide fake views from software, bots, or proxies,…Because only true viewers will make your video popular    

We specialize in advertising YouTube for famous artists all over the world (artist on billboard chart, china, korean singer, …)  and company brand,business,…

We can help make your video to the top #1 popular of youtube

Even over 100 million views

If you want to do big projects, please contact us first!

Let us help you!

Payment Information:

Pay via payoneer.You will get more than 10% of ad sales:


Or You can Order via Freelancer web:
Fiverr Seller music you
Zeerk Seller AladanhSeo

Seoclerks Seller Tunguyenvan AladanhSeo


After you pay, text us the information here:
Facebook:Facebook Aladanh Seo Entertainment

Include your payer information, requests, …
In addition, you can earn 10% of the order amount.
If you recommend to friends or others to use the above services.
Thank you for refer service of Aladanh Seo Entertainmentand See you again!!Nice to work for you!

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30 youtube comments fast or 15 youtube reply comments custom-high quality for 3$

Youtube watchtime: 4000 hour watchtime for 50$

Increase facebook views: 25000 views for your videos on facebook for 7$, real human, non drop

We will market anything on facebook for you

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The Advertising sales will depend on your video content. Great videos you will get many views and interact with low cost, and vice versa.